Oregon Sound


When you look at our list of services, you may wonder how Oregon Sound Recording can claim to be proficient in so many areas. Well, Iím first and foremost a musician, and pretty much every musician who builds a recording studio is enamored of the romance of the music recording process. Iím no exception, so Iíve invested a great deal of time, resources and passion toward the ability to produce high quality music recordings.

But it doesnít take a genius to realize that big-dollar music recording projects are somewhat scarce in southern Oregon. This means that Iíve spent a lot more time doing commercials and post production than music. While I havenít skimped on the equipment and software necessary to handle that bread and butter work, the bulk of the sexy, vintage and esoteric gear we own is used almost exclusively for music projects. Yes, the more lucrative side of the business has served to feed my music habit!

We know it isnít possible to be all things to all people, or to be expert at everythingóbut we try anyway! Can't help it. Could be thatís why weíve stayed in business for over 25 years.

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Oregon Sound Recording has a variety of rate structures appropriate to project type. We generally charge a straight hourly rate, with some tiered discounts based on session and production size. Under certain discretionary conditions, we will occasionally work for a flat project fee.

Email or call to discuss rate options for your project.