Oregon Sound


We use a variety of recording spaces, both on and off-site, dependent upon your project needs. Whether you have a 30-voice choir, a marimba quartet, or just want to record solo vocals, we’ve got it covered. Click here to view our extensive microphone list. Click here to view our mic preamp and outboard gear list. Choosing the best tools for each recording is critical, and we’ve got plenty of sexy stuff to help get it right.

Mixing is done in our Chips Davis-designed 5.1 control room, exclusively “in-the-box,” utilizing our Pro Tools or Logic workstations and huge collection of high-end software plugins.

Also keep in mind that it is generally very easy today to split various recording and mixing tasks among studios—including your own.

As a lifelong musician and composer, music has always been my first passion. I bring an advanced understanding of music fundamentals into every session, to be used if and when needed. I’ve been recording music since 1988, so I also bring decades of technical experience, both “traditional” and “modern”.

We’ve produced dozens of full CD’s and EP’s at OSR, and countless individual songs and demos. Most importantly, though, many, many of our clients are repeat customers, which we feel is the best testament to our quality.

Email or call us to discuss options for doing any part of your recording project at OSR.

Click here for some excerpts of projects that have been recorded and/or mixed at Oregon Sound Recording.

Click here if you’d like information on music producing, arranging, or co-writing.

Click here if you’d like information on music mastering.