Oregon Sound


Oregon Sound Recording was born in the back rooms of a Medford advertising agency. While music is my passion and music projects can be very sexy and exciting, OSR has always specialized in post production work. With a strong emphasis on sound-for-picture, we’ve created and mixed many soundtracks for movies and videos, websites, and literally thousands of commercials.

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Since 2002 we’ve resided in a calibrated, Chips Davis-designed, 5.1 mixing room, which allows us to accurately mix in surround for theatrical releases, HD broadcast or home theater.

I have over 20 years experience with recording and editing voiceovers, editing and sweetening dialogue tracks, and organizing, recording and editing ADR.

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I have extensive experience with sound design, with a huge sound effects library (a quickly growing part of which is originally recorded sounds), and a great collection of samplers and processors for manipulating and mangling sound.

We also maintain a large library of commercial music tracks that can be licensed for use in your projects. As well, I compose sound for picture. Click here for information on original music for your project.

Bottom line: if it has to do with audio post, we’ve likely done lots of it. Email or call for more information about audio post production at OSR.


If you’re in the biz, you already know. For newbies, it covers all aspects of the sound we hear associated with any film, video, TV show, or commercial. This includes editing and processing dialogue and voiceovers; creating, editing and synchronizing sound effects; choosing (or composing), editing and placing music; and mixing it all down to create the final soundtrack. In fact, the only part of the soundtrack that is not handled in post production is the recording of sound and dialogue during film and video shoots—but even that audio ends up in the hands of the post production people.