Oregon Sound



Oh, come on, we all know recording is about how you use the gear, not the gear itself, right?


While I'll take a great engineer with mediocre gear over a hacker with a zillion dollar room any day, the gear a studio possesses does go a long way toward establishing what I call that studio's signature sound.

In "the old days," major studios were frequently chosen for the particular console they owned, because those consoles imparted a specific aural signature. Oregon Sound Recording, like many of today's smaller studios, has created its audio "vibe" by building a collection of pieces in a modular fashion.

Our setup includes multi-platform computer-based workstations, lots of software, and a large, carefully selected cache of mics and outboard gear, both vintage and new. Because we handle such a wide variety of projects, our collection includes gear known for crystalline clarity as well as units that are virtually dripping with sonic charisma.

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