If I had my ‘druthers, scoring to picture is all I would do. All day, all the time. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than adding the emotional finishing touch to a scene in a way that can only be accomplished through the magic of music. And while movies certainly provide the most fertile venue for this type of enhancement, it can also be quite satisfying to compose for TV & radio commercials, as well as industrial and training videos.

From high school forward, composition was my main passion. I attended the University of Oregon on a composition scholarship, and in my youth, music directors in a number of situations commented on my film-score approach to writing—long before I even considered it. I have scored many projects, ranging from children’s movies to promotional videos, as well as lots and lots of TV commercials.

Click here for excerpts of some of my television and commercial music.

Click here for excerpts of some of my film music.

If you’re considering adding original music for your project, please email or call.