Oregon Sound


From helping edit copy to directing voiceover sessions to choosing music to mixing for impact, OSR considers every detail of a spot to be of critical importance regardless of budget or target market. Email or call us for more details on commercial audio production.

We’ve produced literally thousands of commercial audio tracks. With experience that runs the gamut from simple voiceover and music spots, to complex productions involving high level dialogue editing, ADR, sound effects and original music, combined with the treasure trove of hardware and software at our disposal, we believe we produce commercial audio that rivals that being produced anywhere.

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Having been born as an extension of an advertising agency, producing audio for commercials has been OSR’s mainstay since 1988. Fortunately, the agency which originally built Oregon Sound Recording had aspirations far beyond mixing spots for their smallish local market.

As one of the first local ad agencies in the country to shoot ads on 35mm film, accompanied by high-quality audio post production, they permanently upped the ante in their market, with most of the other area agencies and production companies following suit. Consequently, OSR had a hand in producing commercials of far higher quality than those being produced in similar sized—and even larger—markets elsewhere. This spurred its rapid growth and improvement, and ultimately led to its separation from the agency as an independent entity.

Email or call us for more details on commercial audio production.